We Don't Want Men To Lower Themselves (Equalism), We Just Want Them To Make Room For Us (Feminism)

to clarify the meaning of feminism

It's called feminism because we want to raise the female things up. Equalise would mean meeting in the middle.

......whatever the hell 'feminine' means.... Why shouldn't he show different aspects of himself? Just let them be authentic and accept them for who they are and not what they are socially constructed to be.

fuck all the sexist shit those motherfuckers say. be as feminine and as masculine as you want to be, boy/girl/both/neither.

This is what white feminism looks like>>> hello? I'm white, the palest thing you'd ever set eyes on but I still believe in feminism, and not what they listed, don't generalise or stereotype

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You This is what white feminism looks like

I love learning about new genders! Great explanation!~This simple explanation of the difference between genderflux and genderfluid: | 23 Times Tumblr Got What It Means To Be Genderqueer

23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

This simple explanation of the difference between genderflux and genderfluid<<< wow, thanks! Now I know what genderflux is, and I need to teach my autocorrect, too!

Feminist Protester, 1970's. #woman #protester #feminism

onna Gottschalk, with a "I am your worst fear" poster, at Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day parade in New York 1970 photo by Diana Davies.

And that also doesn't mean you don't like males,females or non binary people over one or the other because I like guys more but that doesn't mean I don't like females or non binary people we all have preferences

I just want to add that gender preferences are a thing with pansexuals as well. I'm pansexual and I generally find myself being attracted to girls more often than any other gender. So it's not a complete disregard for gender.

There are LGBTQ+ people of every kind. We must ALL stand together and not forget anyone or their own other battles

Man I feel so sorry for all you Muslim LGBTQ people, you put up with more crud than I could ever imagine. Let's all rise and give a round of applause for them

If this is a true internet story, I agree. Feminism is about total equality. That just because you are feminine, female, does not mean you are not equal. Women can equally do damage. Woman's anger can be volatile. Just like someone who is masculine, male. Neither is funny. Neither is acceptable. This is abuse and this is not a laughing matter just because she did it to a man.

As a girl, I agree with this guy.

Just remember that the vast majority of violence against women AND MEN is perpetuated by men, but abusing someone NO MATTER YOUR GENDER is not okay, and it's DEFINITELY not okay for WOMEN to abuse men either. It is abuse.

Image: Twitter Reading through the tweets on the #yesallwomen hashtag is heartbreaking, illuminating and frustrating all at the same time. And if you’re a woman, you’ll be nodding along to nine out of 10 of them. The hashtag started after it was...

When I told a male professor I enjoyed statistics and he said "You're kne of the weird ones, women don't generally like statistics." Women can like whatever the fuck they want and it doesn't have to be weird.