Meaning of frantic

This speaks to me. Has a deeoer meaning then just a picture. I love love this!!!! Carne Griffiths

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this image to me describes schizophrenia because their are hands scraping and trying to get out and voices also, which is what schizophrenia is.

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Things get messier between Harrysong and Five Star Music The battle between Harrysong and former label Five Star Records is now becoming messier as there have now been exchange of words between the duo. Five Star Music released a statement after Harrysong was released from police custody. READ:Harrysong released from police custody Read five star music press statement below: Sometime in 2008 when Mr. Harry first approached our record label for a music contract we immediately declined…

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Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year and become more frantic to-boot! I saw this idea a few months back and thought it could be a fun activity with a tutor group or clubs Especially as my partner pointed out that so many advent calendars appear to have no reference to Christmas apart from the twenty-four little doors.The idea is a fun and selfless way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas Day, giving us all time to pause and think about the seasons true and original meaning.I have…

Breaking: Five Star Music issues official statement on arrest of Harrysong Yesterday Five Star Music arrested Harrysong for breach of contract. In a new statement signed by Five Star Music Lawyer Mr. C.C Chris they explained and narrated why he was arrested how they paid 5million naira to buy off his former contract with Questionmark Entertainment and how Harrysong has breach the contract he signed with Five Star. Read the full statement after the cut... It has become both imperative and…

Crass Whos are shown doing frantic Yule shopping, and decoration-envy keeps each neighbor hopping. This anti-shop message is curiously told, considering the junk that this film clearly sold. Cindy Lou Who loses her Christmastime zest, and starts to research the town's Yuletide pest. In a flashback it's shown why the Grinch is so mean, and a love interest is added from when he's a teen.

I was dreading this book. I mean, a [long] book about a guy who spends 2 years living in the middle of nowhere? But it was better than I expected. I wonder what Mr. Thoreau would think of the harried pace we maintain in the 21st century in our frantic scramble to build wealth and acquire more things?

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