In this Chicago "smart kitchen," clever features add up to one user-friendly sink area. Tall pots and vases fit under the high faucet spout; a magnetic docking system guarantees the hand spray locks in place. An apron-front sink made of stainless steel won’t rust, stain or chip. Its zero-radius design (meaning straight, not rounded, corners) maximizes usable space. Details:

Kitchen Tour: Smarty Plans

Paddles at the Lake, Photo Michael Graydon, H&H, Pin Curated by @Poppytalk for @Exlpore Canada

Pin It Forward: What Home Means To Me

Paddles on Wood Siding. Reminds me of summer camp.looks like my summer house, but mines minus the paddles!

I could spend an evening (or 12) here...From House & Garden

A house on a lake/river with a boat dock for dining and a canoe. Is that so much to ask?

“Although we met on a dating application that has basically transferred the human mating experience onto a plasma screen that you hold in your hand,that fact does not make us desperate,lonely,or insufficient in any way.We are just two normal twenty- something utilizing the unusual means of our times to reach out and connect with others in a world suddenly made lonely by hyper-connectibity.” ― Seth King, The Summer Remains

Loving You Later

I think there’s no better place for an engagement session than a beach. It’s beautiful at any time, romantic and you will have a great time there! I’ve prepared my favorite beach engagement pictures for you to get inspired.

Exploring in a new place can bring on many wonderful experiences and emotions.  These may be once in a lifetime opportunities so by all means click away and take it all in.

Tips for Couples Travel - A Great Relationship While Travelling

The original entrance to the East India Docks, c1890. The security of the area was provided by tall walls and a private police force.

The original entrance to the East India Docks, London, England circa The security of the area was provided by means of tall walls and a private police force. All port police forces in the UK to this day are still private

This ornament is a perfect reminder of the true meaning of Christmas! Hang it on your tree, from your fireplace mantle, or attach it to a gift by wendi might be helpful for any amateur or state-of-the-art woodworker.

Retro Style Alarm Dock for iPhone From catamarans to tugboats, you can select whatever kind of wood boat strategies you 'd like. When you have join a multitude of parts the small errors in each part amounts to a big mistake.


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Tis' the season for all things glittery! Plus the perfect wintery-but-not-snowy-blue-and-not-red-or-green color is CHARCOAL! The two combined are the ultimate December glam wedding colors. (click photos for source) XOXO Tied Bow Events

27 Black and White Landscape Photos...some really gorgeous shots here, but this one's my favorite.

27 Black and White Landscape Images

When we untie ourselves from the dock of the "safe" and venture out on the waves of grace... that is where adventures are made. That is where our story is written.

smoke fog of the Pennsylvania Mountains or canoe on Vancouver Island or mist of the lowlands of South Carolina or squals off L. Huron in Winter

Levi Ackerman // AoT

It looks like Levi go into zone(kuroko no basket) Levi Ackerman // AoT