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Meaning Of Adolescence

For most kids, turning 18 is a milestone to look forward to. It means freedom, no longer having to ask your parents’ permission for everything. You can vote, buy a lottery ticket, get a tattoo. For some, it means going away to college or maybe living away from home for the first time. Coming of...

When I read that Gwyneth Paltrow was coming out with a new cookbook titled It’s All Easy, I cringed. It’s not because I don’t love Gwyneth — I really do! It’s just that, well, sometimes her version of what is doable is not realistic for the rest of us. I mean, remember all the flack she


Vocabulary Help: Word Root “DOL” (Pain)

The YUNiversity — Vocabulary Help: Word Root "DOL" (Pain) More

Make stress balls out of balloons and either rice, flour, or beans! Take a balloon and stretch it out a little. Then fill it with rice, flour, or beans.( You can use a funnel.) You can decorate them in a million different ways. Lots of fun!


I am not a huggy-touchy kind of person but it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel affection for my children, friends and family. On the contrary, the depth of my love is monumental so I find ways to show it through my actions and creativity. Words alone are not enough so I’m always looking for …


Meaning Of The Color Purple - Sensational Color


Primate poseurs: Stunning images show the many human-like expressions of chimpanzees

Wildlife photographer Gabi Guiard has created a stunning set of portraits showing the incredible expressive faces on chimpanzees

2 6 Ways To Get The MOST out of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)...What happens in DBT? How do I self-teach if DBT is not available?


Using a Jacob's Ladder to talk about positive and negative self-talk; social skills or to process interactions with others (mean and kind behaviors). Feel free to comment with your ideas of how to use a Jacob's Ladder in therapy session!


Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966)