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Among the archaeological riches in Kilmartin Glen is an extraordinary array of prehistoric rock art. It is clear that the potential date range is very long, from around 3500 to around 1000 BC. The Kilmartin Glen rock art, including that at Achnabreck, is likely to be around 5,000 years old.

fairy tail, when i saw what this meant i cried. It means no matter where you are if you see this it means im always with you even if i cant see you

Mechanical Dog, ca. 1390–1353 B.C. Egypt. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This leaping hunting dog can be made to open and close its mouth using the lever beneath the chest. When the mouth is opened, two teeth and a red tongue are visible.

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Wicca for Beginners: What are Grounding and Centering, and How Do You Do Them?

You've heard of grounding and centering, but just what are these things? How do you do them? Learn here- you don't need to be Wiccan to reap the benefits from learning to ground and center, but it is a must for Wiccans to learn.

Rhiannon~Her name means "Divine" or "Great Queen." She is a symbol of fertility, bringer of dreams, a moon deity who is symbolized by a white horse. She is also an otherworld and death Goddess.

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What Buddhists Really Mean by 'Life Is Suffering'

Four carved golden statues of Buddha in wall - Sami Sarkis/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

1917 Elsie Wright 16, & Frances Griffiths 10, from the Yorkshire village of Cottingley claimed they saw & played with fairies near a brook. Borrowing a camera they took photos which came to the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote "The Coming of the Fairies" (1922). Evidence for the genuineness of the photos was strong. Skeptics gave explanations (all proved wrong). A study in the 1980s found the source and means of the hoax. The women admitted the hoax shortly before dying.

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