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Me before you plot

Under her pillow.

"I'm sorry, but I had to go. You need to too, just in case. Hide or run like me. They're coming, and quickly. They'll come for me first, so you have time. Don't worry, I can handle them. Hopefully. Stay safe. ~ Your best friend." She read off the letter. Tears she hadn't noticed forming were falling down her cheeks. She knew that her friend, her best friend she had known all her life, was probably already dead.

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Catjolic, LGBTQA+, spoiler alert 2012 me, you're super fricking gay

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okay I'm not really sure if me before you is considered a "fandom" per say, but I'm in love with this book and movie!! It makes you laugh and cry all while continuing an amazing plot and an even better love story. It's a must read!

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Ron. It also makes me wonder if the reason his older brothers got such good grades was because they knew how much their futures depended on good jobs

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New app.

It just appeared. I'd never heard of it before, and certainly never looked at it on the App Store, much less downloaded it. Then it woke me up at 3 in the morning. That's when everything changed.

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The One Thing You Should Do Before Starting to Write a Book

I walked into my local Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and took a big huff of that bookstore smell. Ahhhh. Instant destressor. Do you do that too? Feel that release of tension when you walk into…

"Anger like I had never experienced engulfed me, red hot and furious, and before I knew it I was charging forward, afraid and unsure of everything except the overwhelming urge to protect somebody I cared about."

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"My Daddy taught me when I was this high. That was playing. This?" I shrug carelessly, flicking my hair over my shoulder. "This, is no longer a game," I state as I level the gun at him.

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