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This makes me so happy....and so so sad....but happy.....and sad...happy...oh no....tears....hahahahahaha.....ha....ugh....happy, so happy!

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.:.:.:.:.:.My Chemical Romance.:.:.:.:.:. There last song that they ever performed was Helena, so the last words they ever sang were "So long and Goodnight"<<<< *cries*

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I love how Gerard is looking at her like "wow rlly this isn't even my good side" and the rest of them are oblivious

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Image via We Heart It [animated] #frankiero #gerardway #mcr #mychem #mychemicalromance #boyfriends #frerard

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Did I ever tell you that once I thought it would be funny to wear my Panic! At The Disco shirt to church group, (THIS IS GOSPEL) and my MIDDLE AGED SUBURBAN WHTE MOM CHURCH LEADER looks at me, says "nice shirt" and winks. WHAT

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I am leaving. I am deleting my account tomorrow. So, good bye. I do have an instagram though.

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Yup<<<so I was going way back to the beginning of this board and I saw this. It's kinda funny that I didn't know who Brendon Urie was....<<<lol

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