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My name, is Armani- meaning shy, unique, and for those I care about r…

I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my bedroom and was in bed before the room was dark. ~ Muhammad Ali

Throwback Evening Eye Candy: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali float like a butterfly sting like a bee the ultimate heavyweight~!

He's just really cute ok?! | 10 Reasons Why Isaac Lahey Is Perfect

His smile is adorable

But, but but White is used for grieving in Shadowhunter world...what does this mean...plz tell me this isn't part of filming for season 2...

shadowshuntersgifs: “ matthew daddario and dominic sherwood for bello magazine ”

Yep, feel ya Dan

I wonder what it would be like if we ever met.'Cause I do the same thing.We'd just stand there and mumble at each other, become more awkward, and I'd probably just kinda, slink away, and pretend it never happened.

Are you trying to be dramatic?

Fc:fransisco lachowski)) single, I'm mean but can be nice sometimes but every once in a while.and I model//talent : modeling and cooking like a pro// flaw: he likes being alone but not ignored he also has ocd//secret : he isn't ready to have kids//

Who is this decently attractive man?? Whaaaa! Its Dylan Sprouse from Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.. CRAZY.

dylan sprouse from suite life of zack and cody (otherwise known as my childhood)

Tyler Posey... So basically we're going to get married and my name will be Josie Posey

So basically we're going to get married and my name will be Josie Posey

Lmfao! Im  starting to believe only somebody totally opposite of us is meant for us!  Age means nothing if  is everything!  Happy MCM to the single ladies - This for you!  #bible #biblestudy #jesus #jesusfreak #beastmode #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessaddict #christian #christians #instafit #instamood #fitspo #fitness #knowledge #love #motivation #nirvana #namaste #success #spirituality #motivation #mce #currentmood #consciousness #thirdeye #hopefulromantic #hopelessromantic #beautiful…

Funny pictures about I Ain't Even Stressing. Oh, and cool pics about I Ain't Even Stressing. Also, I Ain't Even Stressing photos.

((Open RP be him??)) I climb onto the bus. It's late. I just got off my volunteer shift at the library. Surprisingly, the bus is full. I sigh as I spot an open seat, but as I walk closer, a boy puts his feet up on it, smirking at me. I look at him. "May I help you?" I ask. (Continue from here. Just jump in!!))

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Since today is national boyfriend day... This is a picture of my one and only boyfriend Mr. Grayson Bailey Dolan

Since today is national boyfriend day. This is a picture of my one and only boyfriend Mr Grayson Bailey Dolan