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McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have defended their sponsorship of the Olympic Games after criticisms about their involvement were levelled at the brands by the president of International Olympic Committee.

from BBC News

London 2012: The great Olympics sponsorship bandwagon

IOC takes heat for selling sponsorship of 2012 Olympics to marketers of unhealthful products such as McDonald's

Consumer brands, such as Burger King, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, should be allowed to sponsor former PM Margaret Thatcher's funeral, according to outspoken Respect MP George Galloway.

from Mail Online

Instagram model who vowed to abandon social media launches CASH appeal

Essena O'Neill just 19 years old got tired of being paid to be an Instagram fraud. She now claims she's broke and needs money to pay her bills. Poor baby! McDonald's is always hiring.


Unless they're being sold with a portion of fish, chips won't be served at the Olympics due to the McDonald's sponsorship deal!

McDonald’s conducted a European digital campaign that asked fans to demonstrate their passion for the game, as part of its sponsorship of the European Championships, UEFA 2012, from MarketingWeek