Awwww, I want a vanilla triple thick shake really bad.

The original McDonald's menu. There just was no fast food. We would pack our own and take it with us. The first fast food was the A&W Rootbeer stand. Didn't eat at McDonald's till I was in High School.and then had to go to another town.

It actually looks easier to understand than the modern ones lol

Mcdonald’s Old Menu

They are identified for his or her meal buffets, which offer a broad number of not merely meat but additional classic comfortable foods, generating them a popular location for those trying to find some good food at affordable rates.

Mcdonalds is undoubtedly among the most well-known fastfood stores all over earth. It's got lots of acknowledgement in the second it was been created. The food is just not therefore pricey in mcdonals.

McDonald's Prices and Locations - Menu With Price

McDonald's Prices and Locations

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McDonalds vintage....

McDONALD'S 1965 Capital Beltway Map GOLDEN ARCHES All American Meal

McDonald's menu from the 1970s

McDonald's menu board from 1972

McDonald's ad, 1964

Vintage McDonald’s Advertisements in the

Vintage McDonalds Menu with Scrolling Prices

Vintage McDonalds Menu with Scrolling Prices

McDonald's menu from 1963

Poem and 1962 Ads