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Mbti test free

Your Personality Affects How You Run Your Business

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Check out this INFP type head! My results from this free test were the same as an official MBTI test I took.

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INFJ. Inscrutable <- INFP's are the same way. We have causes/dreams we will always fight for! :) #MBTI

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MBTI Two Word // OH HEY THESE ARE THE PERSONALITIES FROM TOMODATCHI LIFE. Tbh yeah, but when I was taking the quiz on my friend's DS, I got easygoing dreamer, which I guess is kinda close to my actual MBTI type? (INTP)

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ENFJ: "Representing approximately 2 percent of all people, people with the ENFJ personality type tend to be very influential, often without making any conscious efforts to increase their influence." Only 2%! Hadn't realized how uncommon my personality type is!

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Which sports capture the essence of each MBTI type? This is what we came up with - feel free to share alternative suggestions!

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