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Maynards Winegums: Chewmelier Most people at wine shows know how to appreciate a fine wine, but do they know hot to appreciate a fine Maynards Wine Gum? Interesting use of a trade show, adding a bit of humour to it too, making them smell them, I think the woman who answered yes to the question “do you taste the rainforest?” had all ready drunk too much wine!


Maynards Wine Gums 2 Pound 4 Ounce Resealable Bag by Maynards Wine Gums,

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Maynards Wine Gums Carton (460g / 16.23oz)

Maynards Wine Gums are chewy, multi-colored gummy type candy, with the flavor of various wines. A favorite of Brits for decades.

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Maynards Wine Gums