Maybe i m crazy

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: I'm not crazy. I am special, no wait, maybe I'm crazy. Hold on one second, I have to talk to myself about this.

Lisa Kokin - Portfolio. I'm crazy about these layers and silhouettes

Lisa Kokin :: Portfolio :: Book Collage This reminded me of your holocaust project. It's almost like a yearbook with the faces missing.

You are too sexy in these platform, flowered clear platforms! Can they come with replaceable toe and heel fillers! We want to addyour colors to go with our attire! Planning Travel for 2016 and 2017! 503-630-5570 #alltravelersallowed #allcouplesallowed

Top 9 Sexy And Strange Shoes: Tall & Crazy Heels And Platform Shoe Designs

You said you wanted to collect flower vases. Platform shoes as flower vases.

Lmao i knew i wasnt crazy<<<wait....then what does my mum think when these happen to her "Omfg my daughter is in her room being antisocial what if I were to go in and set her on fire..."

*dan howell voice* i could kill you. i could stab you right now, and you would be dead.but i won't do it. PSYCHO THOUGHTS WITH DAN XD<<< do you feel the urge to throw your Gameboy into the water?

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I fear I couldn't pull it off cause I'm not skinny. Work: yes Casual/going out: yes Stage: yes!