“I am an entrepreneur, but my emotions are very guarded. I think in a purposeful way, but express my energy in a focused way. In love, I seek intensity. I take on the role of the old soul.

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Nightmare dressed as a daydream. This is the truth. I may be quiet and sweet on the outside but I'm actually a hard cold motherfucker.

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I may break down once in a while but I always get back up and continue as if nothing happened. I am unbreakable -

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Ever felt like you related to Ariel or Belle on a whole other level? Maybe the stars were trying to tell you something! You and your favorite Disney princess may share some seriously similar qualities — all based on your zodiac sign. See what your sign says about you and your favorite princesses.

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I like to observe people and even thought it may seem creepy I can somewhat tell how they are and stuff

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YOU may think it's complicated...I think it's pretty simple...don't be fake!

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Only if being played, we hate being played or playing childish games...on that note, we are the oldest sign in the zodiac, so we are several moves ahead.

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Bull shit. We don't forgive and we never, ever forget. We may appear to be over it, but no.

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