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Always, a shift in awareness includes a period of isolation and loneliness as one gets accustomed to the new level of truth. And then always, new companions are found. No one is left alone for long....Caroline Myss

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May 8 Cabling without a cable needle

This is one of those little tricks that makes a huge difference to how fast and efficiently you can knit. Once you get the hang of it simple cables will barely interrupt your flow. For cables that involve multiple crossings at once or large numbers of stitches you'll probably want the security of using a cable needle. Front crossing (left leaning) twists Bring the right needle behind the work and insert it through all of the stitches that will be at the back of the twist, from right…

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Hello you! As you may well know, should you have seen my recent Guide To Brussels, I have just got back from a wonderful short city break to Belgium. I spent 2 days exploring Brussels and one (very long) day exploring the nearby city of Bruges and Ghent, but I’ll save those adventures for another post …

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A beginner's guide to Airbnb

Used to staying in hostels and hotels but dying to give Airbnb a go? In that case, take a look at this guide - once you give it a go, you may never go back!

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