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Top 10 DIY Ways To Recycle Mason Jars

I miss making may day baskets with my mom, we used to make them when I was little. Happy May Day!


May baskets/tussie mussies filled with flowers and candies and hung on the door knobs of your neighbors on May Day.


May Day Baskets! CUTE! Need to go back to the days where you did random acts of kindness towards others, JUST BECAUSE! <3


10 DIY May Day Baskets — 10 DIY May Day baskets that are sure to brighten any neighbors' day. All use simple materials and are easy enough to make with your kids and share the love. #diy #mayday #baskets

I have always loved the idea of May Baskets; sweet little baskets filled with spring flowers that are meant to be hung on the door of frie...


Easter. Coffee filter flower baskets. How precious are these? (These would be perfect May Day baskets -- wish people still celebrated May Day...I loved that holiday as a kid!!)


May pole - May Day is a ancient Spring festival replacing the pagan celebrations of Beltane (Celtic) and Walpurgis Night (Germanic).


8 easy May Day baskets to make with kids

What a smashing way to present cookies and snacks for family gatherings, kiddies days, picnics and parties!