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Sinus Surgery & Recovery (So Far)

Hi all, I know it's been quite a while since I've updated the blog, and I apologize, I've had A LOT on my plate and just haven't been able to find time. (all photos are taken with an iPhone. Sorry, I could barely use that let alone my canon) Last week on Wednesday May 4th I had surgery at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in my hometown of Orillia, On. I had a deviated septum removed, sinus cysts removed, turbinates reduction & a procedure done to enlarge a maxillary sinus that was severely u...

Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses; drawing shows front and side views of the frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, maxillary sinus, and sphenoid sinus. The nasal cavity and pharynx (throat) are also shown.

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Dentaltown - Sinus infection causing tooth pain?. Maxillary sinus disease of odontogenic origin. Odontogenic sinusitis is a well-recognized condition and accounts for approximately 10% to 12% of cases of maxillary sinusitis. An odontogenic source should be considered in patients with symptoms of maxillary sinusitis

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Maxillary odontogenic keratocyst | Radiology Case | Dentigerous cyst containing a tooth within the right maxillary antrum with associated opacification fo the right maxillary sinus.

35 terms · incisive forament, superior foramina, median palatal suture, lateral fossa, nasal cavity, nasal septum, floor of the nasal cavity, anterior nasal spine, inferior nasal conchae, maxillary sinus, septa withi

The ostiomeatal complex (or unit), sometimes less correctly spelled as osteomeatal complex, is a common channel that links the frontal sinus, anterior and middle ethmoid sinuses and the maxillary sinus to the middle meatus that allows air flow and mucociliary drainage.

Maxillary Sinus Perforation For more info check out my blog about nasal polyp natural treatments.

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