Mavericks California surfing. Insane people doing insane things. I'd love to watch surfers catch mavericks.

Mike Jones, owner of Azhiaziam surf shop in Morro Bay, took these photos Monday, Dec. 7, 2015, at Mavericks, California's famous big wave spot near Half Moon Bay.

Mavericks, California - The wave of legends has been surfed by only the most gutsy board riders; this mammoth peak forms due to hair-raising storms out to sea and reaches bone-chilling heights of 25 meters. To surf here, we recommend you bring your jet ski (and a tow-in expert) and some life insurance. In 1994 skilled Hawaiian big-wave surfer Mark Foo died surfing this point. Those surfers who do conquer its peak will join a small club of over-achievers.

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