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Gabietou. A raw sheep's and cow's milk semi-soft cheese. It's smooth and springy (almost like a rubber chew toy texture). The rind is peanuty and granule-y. It's creamy and rich. Pungent when you smell it up close but really earthy and mushroomy and slightly nutty in taste. Stand alone or with bread.

PROVOST, Jan (b. ca. 1465, Mons, d. 1529, Bruges) Click! Crucifixion - Oil on oak panel, 117 x 172,5 cm Groeninge Museum, Bruges In 1971, the Crucifixion from the village church at Koolkerke entered the collection of the Groeninge Museum as a permanent loan. The existence of this large panel had hitherto been unknown, its very anonymity helping to preserve what turned out to be a masterpiece of Provost. The painting shows a dramatic, almost filmic, panorama of the scene at Golgotha…

Emma Watson: Emma Watson - smart talented hard working ambitious naturally beautiful stylish mature respectable and sophisticated yet down-to-earth

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Educationally prepared: The star, who was christened Stefani Germanotta, says she studied ...

Un week-end à Bruxelles #2 : Street art

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