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Dr. Eric D Knost on

This pin is an excellent representation of model one as we look at students in a classroom and how grades do not always measures ones academic capability.

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Joanna Lumley looks absolutely fabulous - and always makes me laugh - except when she does the voice for AOL - you've got company - creepy!!!!

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Over the last couple years I ve gained insight into the fact I m a bit of an emotional and to some degree a physical masochist I figured I might as well write some details about me on this site as I m new here testing the waters. Hopefully I don t upset anyone. Do I enjoy emotional pain? No honestly a big part of me doesn t but due to the circumstances that have made me this way it appears to be a trained way of thinking as I had no other escape.

RTS-2: Undergrads, Post-grads, and an interview with mature-age student Heidi by Joshua Liston Podcasts on SoundCloud

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In defence of the annoying mature age student

You might think they’re a pain, but the mature-age students I prepare for university are thrilled to receive the intellectual nourishment they thought was reserved for others

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MRW we are asked to introduce ourselves by giving our name and one unusual quality about ourselves at a course tutorial and the mature age student says that her unusual quality is that she has kids.

((FC: Elaine Carlin/ Odeya Rush/ Random)) Hello. I'm Valan, but most call me Val. I'm 15 and single. I'm a transfer student from Greece. I tend to make friends with older people because I'm more mature for my age. I like sketching people and places, also water color painting. I enjoy history and music theory. Nothing else to say really so come introduce yourself

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How you can become an artist by starting at home. Over the years I have been asked how do you become an artist? Or I dont have a creative bone in my body, I wish I did! After teaching over 5000 new to art mature age students, here are a few tips I have shared on how you can become an artist at any stage of your life.

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Stone, C., & O'Shea, S. (2013). Time, Money, Leisure and Guilt--The Gendered Challenges of Higher Education for Mature-Age Students. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 53(1), 90-110. Stone and O’Shea, authors for the Australian Journal of Adult Learning, write about two studies done on mature-aged students at a university in Australia. The students all entered through a non-traditional way and faced many more challenges. The studies also explored the influence of gender on their success.

Who's afraid to write? All of us, I think

<p>I’ve been tutoring a gentleman going back to university in writing recently. He’s a mature-aged student, who deferred his degree and now inbetween getting ready to take it up again, he’s a sounding board for his wife (ESL) as she writes her essays for her university course. He’s a brave …</p>