So heartbreakingly true. A huge part of my died when my precious mama passed so suddenly and so unexpectedly. I miss her soooooo much

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Forgiveness “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” - Matthew 6:14 Adding onto my character series, I am focusing on teaching kids about forgiveness through this parable of the lost son craft. The “Parable of the Lost Son” is also called the “Parable of the Prodigal Son,” and […]

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Oct 25: Pablo Picasso Oct 28: Bill Gates Oct 28: Julia Roberts Oct 28: Joaquin Phoenix Oct 29: Winona Ryder Nov 4: Matthew McConaughey Nov 10: Brittany Murphy Nov 11: Demi Moore Nov 11: Leo DiCaprio Nov 12: Neil Young Nov 17: Martin Scorsese Nov 17: Rachel McAdams Nov 18: Owen Wilson Nov 19: Meg Ryan Nov 19: Jodie Foster Nov 21: Goldie Hawn Successful, highly recognizable, driven. That is Scorpio.

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Diners leave homophobic abuse on bill for waiter instead of a tip "If you believe in him, u will have eternal life, if not, well..." Jesus said some are born gay. Matthew 19:10-12 #jesus #messiah #gay #christian #light #truth #prepare #all are One #only begotten Son #test #many are failing

After indicating that among true Christians there is no basis for divorce except sexual immorality, Jesus spoke of “those who have the gift” of living a single life. He added: “Let the one who can make room for it make room for it.” (Matthew 19:10-12) Many have chosen to remain single in order to serve Jehovah with an undivided mind. For doing so, they are to be commended.

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Matthew Chapter 16 | ... Are You Isaiah 30:18 Matthew 5:11 Matthew 13:16 Luke 6:22 Luke 12:37

A prophetic day Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6; Genesis 29:27 One year Time, times, and half a time in Daniel 7:25 Revelation 12:6, 14 1,260 prophetic days or 1,260 literal years Son of man in Daniel 7:13 Luke 19:10; Luke 21:27 Jesus Christ

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