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story time: sO i was strolling through my tumblr feed and i see an ask that said "wait so louis is going to be a dad" and the blog owner basically replied "guess he isn't as smart as matthew" and im just sitting there like "lOUIS IS A SMALL CHILDBOY?!?!? THAT IDIOT". and then i see the tag. i thought it was louis healy. great job, louis (ToMiLSON)

story time: so i was casually scrolling through my dash and i see an ask that…


I feel bad bc its all matty pics on this board and I feel like the rest of the band doesn't beg enough credit but all I ever see is pics of matty.

Matty Healy // the 1975

k the 1975 S edit Matt Healy 1975 edit matty 1975 this is such a good photo i'm gonna make it my background for everything

He’s the lead singer. Get to Know: Matt Healy of the 1975

Get To Know: Matt Healy Of The 1975