MATT DAMON... Love him. There's a guy I know who is a spitting image of him...

Got this beautiful portrait of Matt Damon with sparkling smile from web site couple years ago

| Matt Damon | Good Will Hunting | He reminds me of your Jared Padalecki in this picture

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerd

Good Will Hunting Ben Alfeck, Matt Damon . two kids from Boston, who wrote "Good Will Hunting" and won almost every Oscar the year this came out. Bravo kiddos, Right on Boston Southies!

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fc: young matt damon + tom webb ] "hey, i'm matthew. i'm not really an interesting person. i'm just kind of below average.

Photoshoot #082 - 082-017 - Pictures Gallery | Matt Damon

Photoshoot #082 - 082-017 - Pictures Gallery | Matt Damon