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THIS. Oh the TRUTH. Love isn't a feeling it's a decision. A choice when the feeling is gone and life is hard and ugly and scary. This kind of Love is what remains when when you have nothing left of the dreams—this is the choice that says, "I promised. And you're worth keeping promises for."


Love says ..... Matt Chandler quotes.

It’s OK to not be OK - just don’t stay there. Matt Chandler quotes on


Powerful words from Matt Chandler!!!! So absolutely true.


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Insightful Matt Chandler quote

from Redeeming Infertility

My Womanhood (and Identity) is Not on Hold

I think you're starting to Lord. I know I lost myself for a while and didn't give you many reasons to truly love me. You taught me many great lessons during that time, and helped me to see what's important and what really means most. I'm getting better, and I serve you now. I invite you to use me as you so please.


Had a business meeting to improve our business social media today and they actually told me that for having my social media up for a month, it's actually doing well but we can always improve. A commercial is next, now I really got to work out lol


To overcome our brokenness we must realize that we have to be healed by a power greater than ourselves. If we look only to ourselves, we will be not be able to make the journey from brokenness to wholeness. Jesus will not impose His healing upon us. We must make the decision to turn to Him for healing.