Have you heard of Mind Boggling Math? It is a great resource for fast finishers and top math kids. It has higher level problem solving activities.

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2nd GRADE MATH ENRICHMENT PROJECTS FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! I have bundled all of my 2nd Grade Math Enrichment Projects that are directly tied to the 2nd Grade Common Core Math Standards. Seventy-two math enrichment projects are included for the following topics: place value, place value addition/subtraction, measurement, time, money, geometry, adding/subtracting regrouping/borrowing, and pre-multiplication. The menus included with this product are excellent for early finishers, advanced ...$

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#Math Enrichment Tasks Suitable for Early Finishers & Diverse Learners is Common Core Aligned and designed to allow for students who regularly finish early or for diverse learners who can use more of a challenge. 40 cards include a wide-range of questions for students. Some tasks cards act as mini-projects and some act as a way to push student thinking. Task cards are also appropriate for small group instruction, test preparation, or even 1:1 instruction.

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4th Grade Math Enrichment Research Projects for the Entire Year, 32 weeks! Projects range from calculating ticket prices, the cost to build the St. Louis Arch, to how many pencils come from one tree and so much more! Great for early finishers, advanced learners and whole class fun. No teacher prep, great rigor and perfect math skills/technology integration! Print and go math enrichment!$

3RD GRADE MATH ENRICHMENT RESEARCH PROJECTS FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR FOR EARLY FINISHERS AND ADVANCED LEARNERS! A SIMPLE WAY TO ADD CHALLENGE AND RIGOR WITH LITTLE TEACHER PREP! AN EXCELLENT WAY TO PROMOTE TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM! Adding enrichment to your classroom should not have to be time consuming and difficult to manage. This program is easy to manage and extremely rewarding for your students. I began using the weekly “Math Research Projects” strategy last year in my classroom and…

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This FREEBIE Bundle includes all current and future free products from my TpT Store! Lots of great math center activities, math games, and projects for math in the upper elementary and middle school grades! Includes Math Task Cards, Math Enrichment Task Cards, Connect Four: Multiplying Decimals, Equivalent Fraction Memory game, and more!

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Fun interactive math activity for the beginning of the school year. Students use multiplication and division equations to answer questions about themselves.

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Blog post...when students forget they are doing math! Great problem solving experiences are SO important for students!

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