Long Division Steps

Great poster for long division! Would be great in math notebooks. Long division as a transition to polynomial long division.

FREE Long Division Activity: Graph paper is an essential strategy for teaching beginning long division to students. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Free-Long-Division-Graph-Paper-2068542

FREE Long Division Graph Paper Math Strategies for & Grade: You will receive printable graph paper and a worksheet that models this math problem solving strategy. This method also works well for special education students.

I got this idea from my peer teacher, Nina. It's a great way for students to share about themselves. I think it would be perfect for a firs...

Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for Open House.Fourth Grade Fun in Florida: Figure Me Out!

This blog post has ideas, resources, and anchor charts for teaching multiplication!

Multiplication Madness

This is a link to various multiplication and division displays for a classroom. There are also some small, quick activities for students to do. I like this link because there are many display options and I can use and adapt for my students.

Short Division Poster

Learn about Short Division with this well designed and compelling poster. The large size of the poster allows it to be clear to read from a distance, making it perfect for all learning environments.

3rd Grade Division Worksheets #math #school

Get ready to dole out the division! These 15 worksheets feature different math challenges to keep your math student busy.

I love learning about arrays because they are so visual which allows for a lot of really fun rectangular arrays activities and practice! I l...

Through this activity, students can begin to understand situations that entail multiplication. They are able to fill out the squares and see the relationship between numbers that are being multiplied together.

Miss Giraffe's Class: How to Teach Arrays                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Teach Arrays - a lot of great ideas for arrays and repeated addition - small groups activities, centers, worksheets etc.