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Well, I almost never use calculators. I just use paper. And sometimes I don't even use paper. But when someone does something REALLY hard in their head,... WITCHCRAFT!

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How To: Hate Math? These Mental Tricks Will Have You Multiplying Faster Than Einstein Ever Could!

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How to avoid the 5 common pitfalls of pricing your handmade products

Grab this free handmade pricing calculator and let it do the math for you! Pricing your handmade products is a crucial step, and most of the pre-made formulas you can find online won't help you build a successful and profitable business. Click to access it now or Pin to download it later!

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Circle skirt pattern generator from By Hand London — add your waist measurement, choose length and quarter, half or full skirt. Great!

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How to Price Your Online Course

Today we’re answering that very common yet difficult question: How much should I charge for my online course? We know pricing can feel like throwing a dart and randomly picking numbers, but when done right it’s the easiest way to make hundreds more on each sale. Which is why we’re sharing how you can find the perfect price for your course, what factors to consider when making that choice & even giving you a free pricing calculator. No math from you needed!

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Online Math Manipulatives

5 awesome and FREE online websites for math manipulatives. Perfect for modeling thinking during math mini-lessons and number talks!

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