Decorating the Secondary Math Classroom

Decorating the Secondary Math Classroom (Math in the Middle)

I won’t actually be able to get into my classroom for a few more weeks but I figured I’d share my plans for classroom decorations now… Every year I do the same “theme” if you can even call it that –

Make a circle graph of your perfect day! Great get-to-know-you activity for the beginning of the school year. Practice fractions, circle graphs, and other math skills while getting to know each other with this and 12 other back to school math activities!

Back to School Math Activities

Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for beginning of the year or any time of the year!

Figure Me Out! An "All About Me" math activity for the beginning of the year. This could be ADAPTED FOR YOUNGER children by using addition and subtraction equations.

Get rid of maths line. Bulletin board, growth mindset, yet

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Solve It Strips are a fun, hands-on math center that requires no prep for the teacher! Students use their mental math skills to work through a variety of math standards and they can easily self-check their work on each activity strip. 16 different sets are currently included in this bundle!

Save over with this BUNDLE, which includes all 16 Solve It Strip sets! Solve It Strips are a FUN, hands-on, puzzle-like, math extension activity that

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat

A great tool for reinforcing the relationship between multiplication strategies, and helping children to understand there are many ways to go about solving

Math Word Problem Task Cards. Includes 80 different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division cards suited to kindergarten, first grade and second grade. Includes 3 word problem mat options.

Math Word Problem Task Cards - Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication

Pin 6 *literacy* Materials: task cards and dry erase markers Description: the children read the problem, they draw it using pictures or symbols, then they write the word problem below.