#realtalk and #realgoals Are you searching for real success in your life? Then download the application #Periscope and watch my broadcasts as I answer questions from the mindset of a self-made multimillionaire. If you still have not done this what are you waiting for? While I love Instagram periscope is an amazing live streaming application that lets you ask questions and get immediate answers. If that's what you are really searching for come on! As with most self-made people I was the…

I learned to GIVE not because i have much..... but because I know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING. <3

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"If material things are what you're talking about when you say "I'm blessed." you have no idea what a blessing is."

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6 Days till Christmas While out and about today in the Christmas scene, I was looking for little stocking stuffers and simple, but meaningful gifts. And then I thought about how we often "shop" for people and materialistic things to fill up our hearts, instead of the eternal filler: Jesus! I hope your Christmas will be full of love, laughter and most importantly...Jesus!

YES! I have to agree... But make sure you don't jump off the tracks for just anyone

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This is my belief: the good of helping others not materialistic items for ourselves. #billgates #billgatesquotes #kurttasche

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