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It’s a girl thing (33 photos)

Mulan to remember to always listen to your heart, Ariel so as not to forget to dream big, Rapunzel because a pure heart and eagerness for adventure are so very important, Merida because confidence in yourself and who you are is something we should all have, and last but not least, Tiana because she reminds us that hard work and determination can carry us far.

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"Mine on the left, my best friend’s on the right. She’s the Sulley to my Mike Wazowski so we decided to get each other tatted on us so we’d be together forever. :) Done by Terrence at Kink’d Ink in Windber, PA"

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I love this because it's so small and if it's on your wrist its just kinda like a reminder that even the smallest of people and things can change you. Look at the mouse that changed our world!

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