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Mass Effect Collection

Mass Effect 3 Salarian and Volus cosplay for the win

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Reach and Flexibility - mass effect/jane austen cross over (if only....)

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Insane Garrus Cosplay Will Calibrate Your Eyeballs

The cosplayer in the photo called Digiko and he performed as Garrus from the Mass Effect. I love the nice armor that he spent almost two months to made. The Mantis sniper rifle is based on a Nerf Recon, and the suit is built mostly from EVA foam.

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N7 Alliance Navy Mass Effect inspired Perler Bead Pin Brooch

Just made a brand new batch of our N7 badges, in honour of one of the best video game trilogies ever: Mass Effect. Looking forward to Andromeda!

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Trial Xtreme 2 Android Game - , Trial Xtreme 2 HD - the 2nd part of an intense motor-a trial pleases the eye with brand-new effects, an enormous amount of levels, more down-to-earth physics, graphics and a portrayal of objects are more elaborated , brand-new ruses are increased . The game is made on the NVIDIA PhysX motor, you collect a mass of affirmative feelings and appearances of jumps and ruses. You will be able to pass on 36 most compelling ways! You will be able to…

"Z II." 1925. László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) made this work while he was teaching at the Bauhaus, exploring the intersection of abstract elements in abstract space. Broken forms, in varying degrees of transparency, slide past each other on illusory spatial planes, illustrating the artist's longtime interest in the function and effects of light. He also experimented with photography—a medium closely aligned with the credo of the Bauhaus: "Art and Technology: A New Unity.".

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