He's not gonna remember anything unless it's through you... Unless he remembers his... Love for you. Hesh doesn't matter. Logan does.

Which will make the better soldier. A common child who raises themselves in the sticks, learning quick with the consequence of death. Or a child raised in the lab, learning by careful instruction and free of danger.

Power at your fingertips

Power at your fingertips

Kaidan Alenko by AndrewRyanArt on deviantART

Kaidan Alenko by *AndrewRyanArt on deviantART Mass Effect

Mass effect/dragon age

ME:A - DA crossover! Science Officer Biotics aboard the Inquisition ship I just finished the game so I had to do crossovers haha musings and sketches about this under the cut for spoilers! [[MORE]]I was trying to draw parallels and fill some gaps,.

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I feel like Julia would be a survivor & ruthless.

insp | biotics

Projection images of the stars and the galaxies to represent God and heaven?

sk00ti:  Asari  vanguard

I'm a huge fan of asari generally, but every now and then there's a total badass. Like Aria, and this Asari Vanguard.

Biotics - Samara!!!!

Biotics - Samara!!!!

Mass Effect 3 N7 Fury (2012) by RedLineR91.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"Mass Effect 3 Fury My second Soldier. - Fury - Very big size - Wallpaper (Edit it) - Blue colors - Biotics - REDness -. Mass Effect 3 Fury

Christmas shopping in Virginia. This makes feel extremely happy! Something about the old fashioned type lights that spark a deep joy in me.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia at Christmastime