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Roman wall still stands near the London Museum. Imagine the tales it could tell of the past 2,000 years!


Brick Masonry Construction Business Thank You Card

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Everything You Need to Know About Brick Masonry Construction

Everything You Need to Know About Brick Masonry Construction: Different Types of Bricks


Art Deco was a style that can out of Paris in the mid 1920's. It was an interpretation of the Neo Classical styles of the 19th century Regency and Empire


Avanto Architects. Chapel of St.Lawrence-Great detail of a nearly seamless linear skylight highlighting a textured masonry wall interior.


moladi - Solving problems The need for quality homes are not being addressed by the conventional masonry construction method. Addressing the lack of skilled artisans moladi designed a reusable mould to simply cast a monolithic reinforced structure insitu. The speed at which the structure is produced reduces the cost drastically. With the reinforcing specified by an professional engineer and the mix design controlled, quality is guaranteed on every structure.