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Just wanted to see what a half mask would look like as well as if I could get it to look like metal. I will be doing a full metallic mask as well, which. Lion of the Wind half mask metallic

White Okami Kitsune Mask... Japanese Fox Leather Mask

White Okami Kitsune Mask... Japanese Fox Leather Mask

White Okami Kitsune Mask Japanese Fox Leather Mask by Merimask Princess mononoke mask on the fox? Maybe with glowing eyes or normal eyes or fire/flames for eyes?

#Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks #mardigras                              …

Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks

Each design represents different characters. For instance, the long nose mask represents plague doctor who treated victims of the plague as the Black Death of Europe in the century. I found it interesting because the mask not only

Death Eater mask by lucky2bblu

my version of what i think Death Eater masks look like, did this a while back to add to the gallery on the Order of the Phoenix movie site

Rob of Doc Dailey Designs has made several props inspired by Halo, but his new alternate pilot helmet might be his best work yet. He worked with Stony Props on the lighting elements, and the result…

halo helmet 1 whoever is behind this masterpiece is my hero! I'm very interested to learn how they did the L.DS inside the helmet and projecting an image or design while still being able to see while wearing it :)

Corvus Flight by TheArtOfTheMask on Etsy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Corvus Flight

Raven mask by theArtOfMask the fabulous weird trotters FB

How to make a Dragon Skull mask/ head dress:

How to Make a Dragon Skull

I have to do a Dragon body paint next month and I wanted a nice interesting Headpiece. It would probably be possible to make this into a mask too.

Photograph of 'Oracle' mask sculpture worn by a model.

Glitch And Garments: Artist Blurs The Line Between Tech And Couture. scan actor's face, print to build masks off of, OR develop masks off of scan and print

Ghost Mask by SatanaelArt on Etsy, $80.00

The call of duty mask which could possibly be used as a mask design if I wanted a mask