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How to Make the Boldest Pistachio Marzipan

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Making Marzipan Candy Vegetable Garnishes

How to make Marzipan candy fruits and vegetables.

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How to Make Marzipan

Homemade marzipan - Easy, no-bake delight. Eat it as is, dip it in chocolate, or add it to baked goods. pinterest | @tallulahmercer

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Pistachio Marzipan & Raspberry Diamonds

These Pistachio, Chocolate, Marzipan & Raspberry Diamonds make great table presents when batched up in little boxes or bags. The recipe is from the cookbook Chocolate by Molly Bakes.

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Our Favorite Marzipan Candy Recipes

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Marzipan Mice

Marzipan Mice #Halloween |

Homemade Marzipan Candies Dipped in Chocolate

Delicious recipe for homemade marzipan candies dipped in chocolate, perfect for holiday/family tables, or as small gifts to your guests. Worth all the effort.

Toot - Persian Mulberry Marzipan Candy

Toot is Persian Mulberry candy made of marzipan (almonds). Vegan, gluten free and no baking required. Typically served for Norouz (New Year) or weddings!