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Maryland Department Of Revenue

The Oregon Department of Revenue said Friday it has identified inconsistencies in recently filed state tax returns prepared with third-party tax preparation software, indicating potential fraudulent activity.

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A senior scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture filed a whistleblower complaint on Wednesday accusing the federal agency of suppressing research findings that could call into question the use of a popular pesticide class that is a revenue powerhouse for the agrichemical industry. Jonathan Lundgren, a senior research entomologist with the USDA’s Agriculture Research... Read More

Now that there have been states where people have been allowed to vote for the legalization of marijuana, that topic has actually become more popular than the

Howard county speed cameras raise record revenue, seen as 'effective' safety tool

Speed cameras in school zones in Howard County reeled in $8.7 million from paid citations and a record $251,000 in revenue last year, according to the Police Department, which hailed the program and red light cameras throughout the county as an effective tool to increase safety.

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