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Mary Ann (née Todd) Lincoln (December 13, 1818 – July 16, 1882) was the wife of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and was First Lady of the United States from 1861 to 1865. "If you keep making jokes like that, somebody is going to shoot you, father."


Mary Todd Lincoln (Sally Field) embraces her son Robert Todd Lincoln (Joseph Gordon Levitt) as he returns home.

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Mary Todd Lincoln: Was She Insane?

Mary Todd Lincoln, married to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Her life was filled with great triumphs and great tragedy. She was first lady during the civil war and neither the southerners nor the northerners accepted anything she did. Her husband's assassination in 1865 shattered her and eventually she outlived her children as well. She struggled with mental illnesses.


The Edwards' home in Springfield where the Lincolns were married. MARRIED - In this city on the 4th instant, at the residence of N.W. Edwards, Esq., by Rev. C. Dresser, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Esq., to Miss MARY TODD, daughter of Robert Todd, Esq., of Lexington, Ky. Announcement on page 3 of the Sangamo Journal, November 11, 1842 (published on Fridays).


Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926) was an American lawyer and Secretary of War, and the first son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. Born in Springfield, Illinois, United States, he was one of two of Lincoln's four sons to live to adulthood. He and his father lacked the strong bond his father had with brothers Willie and Tad, yet Robert deeply admired his father and wept openly at his deathbed.


*THOMAS LINCOLN ("Tad") ~ was the fourth and last child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. He was born on April 4, 1853. Tad was named after Thomas Lincoln, Abraham's father who had died in 1851. Tad's head was unusually large at birth. Abraham, viewing the contrast between the large head and tiny baby figure, thought he resembled a tadpole which was the origin of a nickname that stuck for the rest of Tad's life.

Letter from Mary Todd Lincoln to Abraham Lincoln. "Mary Todd Lincoln, who believed her great antipathy to the general was shared by the public, advised her husband in this letter to remove McClellan from the command. Whether she influenced her husband's decision is unknown, but on November 5, 1862, Lincoln placed the Union forces under the command of General Burnside." Library of Congress


*ABRAHAM "Jack" LINCOLN II ~ was the middle of three children of Robert Todd Lincoln and Mary Eunice Harlan, and the only grandson of Abraham Lincoln. Born: August 14, 1873, Chicago, IL Died: March 5, 1890, London, United Kingdom Parents: Mary Eunice Harlan, Robert Todd Lincoln Great-grandparents: Nancy Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln, Elizabeth Parker, Robert Smith Todd Grandparents: Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, James Harlan.