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Comtex Men’s Wrist Watch Rose Gold Tone Case with Leather Strap and Date Display

When moffat has people fall to their death, we ARE the people who love them who watch them fall to their death

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Creator Michael Schur’s favorite line of the entire series was improvised by Chris Pratt. Brilliant.

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Have you ever finished reading a book and walked away feeling nothing? No attachment to the characters, no joy in their success or sadness...

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Captain Marvel #10 • Writers: Ruth Fletcher Gage & Christos Gage • Art: Thony Silas • Colors: Matthew Wilson • Letters: Joe Caramagna

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Hmmm... the only way this could work is for Magneto to not have known about the Winter Soldier's presence. He has to actively manipulate metal - it doesn't happen to all metal that is around him.

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Flight from Brussels to Miami ✈️

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