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The limestone chipping surface is planted with low box hedges which form a criss cross pattern - a contemporary version of a knot garden- which is peppered with aromatic lavenders and sages. Oxeye daisies float above the line of the hedges and in between the sculptural, clipped topiary shapes that punctuate the knot.Arne Maynard garden design.

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Life is the journey, love is the goal. If you can lose yourself utterly to someone, your ego will disappear. And if you can show someone your inner self - wounds, scars, weaknesses and all - you will see your soul reflected in theirs. You will suddenly see how deep you go.

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“Man wishes to be confirmed in his being by man, and wishes to have a presence in the being of the other…. Secretly and bashfully he watches for a YES which allows him to be and which can come to him only from one human person to another." Martin Buber, I and Thou

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