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the origins of martial arts come from oppressed people who were prohibited from using weapons and possessing tools (by political, military or religious decree), to prevent rebellion/assassination attempts against the king-emperor-high priest oppressor. Forced to use their minds and find new ways to protect themselves, the people created and mastered the art of fighting without conventional weapons by using their complete bodymind. See also Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. #UBFitnessApp…


Martial Arts Weapon Light T-Shirt

Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxers, MMA fighters and other martial artists don’t need a weapon. They are one! Check out this funny custom design on tees, shirts, mugs, pajamas, gifts and other apparel.


The only living master of a dying martial art

A former factory worker from the British Midlands may be the last living master of the centuries-old Sikh battlefield art of shastar vidya.


Get your hands on our truly unique Collapsible Bo Staff!Featuring a double-ended design, this telescoping bo staff will extend from both ends with a flick of your wrist.A rubber diamond grip offers a solid gripping location and makes sure this extendable bo staff won't be flying out of your hands.Perfect for training, this 5 foot metal staff provides a one-of-a-kind martial arts weapon whether you practice in short staffs or longer bos.After numerous revisions, this patent pending…


Learn Martial Arts "Pressure Points"

This would be great to learn for self defense. Dim Mak. How to Learn Martial Arts "Pressure Points"