True, I feel much calmer thanks to abdominal breathing I learned at karate :)

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Muay thai is a lethal strikin art. Uses the 8 point technique, utilizing hands, feet, elbows, knees. Highly telegraphed moves though, so if you are faster, or have techniques for that, such as in Aikido, this isn't as good in my opinion. Very brutal powerhouse art though. Kids train and will kick trees until the trees shake just to toughen up their legs.

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Muay thai chart >> How to Unlock Your Hips To Kick Higher, Squat Deeper, Eliminate Pain and Feel FREE!

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Picked up by CGchips. 2D,3DCG tutorials and 3Dprinter news site.

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15 Martial Arts Belt Ranks Infographic | MMA Verse. Hm not sure about some of these.:
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