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Ip Man 2 (2010)

The new wave of martial arts movies from China. Very slick, very fast and Donnie Yen is a treat to watch in this.


Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)

Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior. Is the most entertaining martial arts movie I've seen. Athletic freak Tony Jaa performs all of his stunts. Great watch!


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The Bride: The ultimate archetype of every rape-revenge horror film, mixed with the fighting spirit of martial arts movies & the laconic amorality of spaghetti westerns. The ultimate in female revenge. (Kill Bill Vol. 1, 2003, Quentin Tarantino. Portrayed by Uma Thurman).


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10 Best Martial Arts Movies

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From '80s bloodsports to modern historical masterpieces, we've ranked the 20 best martial arts movies currently streaming on Netflix.