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World War II: The North African Campaign

Songstress & comedienne Martha Raye had a lifelong fear of flying. But that didn't stop her from supporting the troops during WWII with her wacky antics and boisterous belt (if you've never seen the Abbott & Costello film, "Keep 'Em Flying", give it a gander. She pitched in as a nurse, and continued singing through the Vietnam war. She gave a whole new meaning to the theatre phrase, "She's a trouper!". And the troops agreed.

Martha Raye -- (8/27/1916-10/19/1994). Singer, Dancer, Actress, Commercial & Entertainer. She was the Polident Spokesperson. She portrayed Carrie on TV Series "Alice". Movies -- "Pufnstuf" as Boss Witch, "Pin Up Girl" as Molly McKay, "The Bugaloos" as Benita Bizarre, "The Concorde... Airport '79" as Loretta & "Alice in Wonderland" as The Duchess. She suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and had lost both legs in 1993 from poor circulation, died of Pneumonia at age 78. Her birthname was Margy…

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Photos of Bill McDonald with Martha Raye - 1967 at Phu Loi, S. Vietnam Colonel Maggie – Nurse, Entertainer, and Honorary Green Beret

McMillan and Wife - (1971-77). Starring: Rock Hudson,Susan Saint James, John Schuck, Nancy Walker, Martha Raye, Bill Quinn, Mildred Natwick, Linda Watkins, Donna Mills, Richard Gilliland, Gloria Stroock and Eve McVeagh.

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Claudette Colbert takes a breather during the filming of "Zaza" and shares ice creams with visitor Martha Raye, and her own mother, Jeanne Chauchoin in 1939.

Martha Raye visits the troops in Vietnam, 1965. She was also apparently a surgical nurse and occasionally pinch hit for the exhausted nurses in the field.

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Classic Hollywood Actresses: Martha Raye

World War II: The North African Campaign

Actress-comedian Martha Raye entertains servicemen of the U.S. Army 12th Air Force on a makeshift stage on the edge of the Sahara Desert in North Africa in 1943

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The only woman buried in the Special Forces cemetery at Fort Bragg, NC. Martha Raye see

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Martha Raye Canvas Art - (16 x 20)