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Mug Rug. I might be able to do this one, only is different colors.


"Fall Beauty" is a 36"x24" pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord. The location was near John's Creek, GA.


APRIL 1980--Hilary Bauer (MARSHA CLARK) has a concerned look on her face when she finds out the phone call is for Bert Bauer in regards to the whereabouts of her sons.

June 11, 1981--Hilary Bauer (MARSHA CLARK) tells fellow nurse Katie Parker (DENISE PENCE) that Nola Reardon seeing Dr. Sara McIntyre for sessions just might do her good.

Kevin Bacon played Tim "TJ" Werner on the soap opera Guiding Light from 1980 to 1981.

APRIL 1980--Tim Werner, now being played by KEVIN BACON, returns to Springfield. Tim's return is not a happy one. A scandal at the school he was attending led to him being expelled, which might jeopardize his athletic scholarship. He is worried about anyone finding out, especially his mother, Dr. Sara McIntyre. Here Tim is joined by Kelly Nelson (JOHN WESLEY SHIPP) and Hilary Bauer (MARSHA CLARK) at Cedars Hospital.

GUIDING LIGHT: John Wesley Shipp (Kelly Nelson), Marsha Clark (Hillary Bauer) and Lenore Kasdorf (Rita Stapleton Bauer) in 2009.

Love, Truth, Work And An Extraordinary Legacy – Marsha Clark

Romantic Shabby Chic inspired card with @Marsha Penner Penner Grove Papercraft, Inc. and @Spellbinders

4 Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones. The beautiful Marsha Hunt had a passionate affair with Mick Jagger that produced a love child. She inspired him to write Brown Sugar before dumping her and not acknowledging the baby until years later....ohh Michael