A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and covered a greater portion of the planet’s surface than the Atlantic Ocean does on Earth, according to new results published today. http://www.eso.org/public/news/eso1509/

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Mars: Quick Facts tall infographic #mars #space #facts

INFOGRAPHIC: Mars' size, seasons, structure and more

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Here's how the first humans will live on Mars — and why traveling the 140 million miles to get there will be the easy part

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The Syrtis Major Volcanic Province - The Martian Surface Acquired by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on ESA’s Mars Express Satellite, this image depicts a detailed region of the Martian Nili Fossae Graben system. This system is an area of great interest to geologists due to the variety of its landscape. The graben system contains numerous troughs, plateaus, impact craters and depressions. Planetary Scientists are actively studying the data collected from ESA’s Mars Express

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Best Mars Images From Orbiter’s First 5 Years

Mars a stunning view of the half-mile-wide Victoria Crater was taken Oct. 3, 2006

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The Mars Express orbiter captured this stunning view of the north polar region of Mars, by ESA.

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Mars south pole and beyond This sweeping view by ESA’s Mars Express extends from the planet’s south polar ice cap and across its cratered highlands to the Hellas Basin (top left) and beyond. - redits: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin

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Retro Posters Show NASA’s Vision for Our Future on Mars

The space agency’s beautiful art offers a romantic view of human space travel—but the journey will be far from easy.

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