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Mars Attacks!

"Mars Attacks!" Tim Burton's alien invasion spoof faithfully recreates the wooden characters and schlocky story of cheesy '50s sci-fi. And despite that it still freaks me out and I'm 20

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“YAK, YAK YAK!” One of 30ish portraits that is on display at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX until May 25th. A very limited amount of prints are available at the gallery.

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Mars attacks News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

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ACK ACK ACK ACK! This is what I hear when I view the national news. This is what I hear when watching the interviewed politicians talking the talk - but not walking the walk. What is the walk? Would that be: Protecting the American People from Outside Invasion? We seem content to watch the Sci-Fi News and appease ourselves with complaining. Anarchy and the Unjust Rule of Despots? ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK!

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