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Marriage: I'm always working on this list! Yes, I sometimes fall short but thank you LORD for the power of the Holy Spirit ♡ my husband remains me to reach down deep inside my spirit ♡ to knock me back to my senses:) I tell him the same thing ♡


The Art of Marriage: Marriage Conference will be February 17-18 2017. Make plans to attend. You can register in our Church's Welcome Center or by calling the Church Office. Online Registration will open shortly! For more information and Testimonials check out

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Y'all got to get delivered from PEOPLE PLEASING!!!!!!!! In my counseling sessions the one issue is ALWAYS what will people think about us? Who cares what people say about you?!?!?! They don't want anyone to know they are having marital issues. (Hello half the world is having marriage issues) When I was getting healed during my divorce in 2006 I cared too about my reputation then God set me FREE!! Still to this day my preacher friends ask us to speak at their marriage conferences until they…