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The most majestic French failure ever

What is it with the French and their magnificent market failures? This is the Citroën SM Opéra, a galactic market failure which makes galactic market failures like the Renault Avantime (total made: 8,557) look positively submicroscopic. For this, to be specific, is one of the eight Citroën SM Opéras ever made.

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"It was an interesting question as to whether the BBC had a future in the digital world, and what form of market failure could justify the licence fee system.", Gavyn Davies

from the Guardian

Why do economists describe climate change as a 'market failure'?

Why do economists describe climate change as a 'market failure'? Unregulated markets have overproduced CO2 because the costs are not priced into the transaction

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The Law of Market Failure

The Law of Market Failure – Medium

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The 5 Worst Marketing Failures in the History of Video Games

When the ‘Diablo III’ servers were broken for most of its first day live, millions of frustrated fingers told the Internet how pissed off they were. However, as far as video game PR disasters go, it couldn't contend with these classics:

1. Market failure in the form of externalities arises when a. production costs are included in the prices of goods. b. not all cost...