The Cat Art Show in Los Angeles Returns with an Unexpected Celebrity Participant

"Goodbye Bear" from "The Tree Show" Exhibition by Mark Ryden, 2006.

Mark Ryden, Goodbye Bear Mark Ryden's "Goodbye Bear" Size: x Oil on Canvas

Mark Ryden - El ilustrador de la ternura, la repulsión y la nostalgia... Considerado el padre del movimiento “lowbrow” o “surrealismo pop”

mark ryden art This style is really appealing to me. I am going to try the no out line look like this piece in my illustration.

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Top 10 Grandes Ilustradores Contemporáneos | Alt Art Gallery: Mark Ryden - King of Pop Surrealism

Mark Ryden “Awakening the Moon”, 2014 Limited Edition Lithographic Poster (ed.

Mark Ryden likes oil on canvas, meat, abe lincoln and religious icons.

Mark Ryden's Incarnation ( Oil on panel, 2009 - the year before Lady Gaga's meat dress. // I don't love meat this much, but I hope this is in a museum.

Katy perry by mark ryden

Skye Sherwin's A Good Look

Mark Ryden, Katy Aphrodite, oil on canvas with artist designed frame, 34 x 36 inches

‘Girl without heart’ by Kulik Larissa

Selected works by Kulik Larissa aka AnnMei, artist from Ostrov, Russia. In my work is always an abundance of details that arise from our own history «stopped moments

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Paintings by Chen Hongzhu

Chinese Chen Hongzhu's work, is filled with stark “china doll” portraits of fractured innocence, her figures appear child-like and cute, but at the same time

Yes, Mark Ryden's paintings are a bit strange, but they're incredibly cool and beautifully painted.

One of my all-time favourite by this artist: Mark Ryden "Fur Girl" x oil on canvas - part of his 2008 "Snow Yak" show