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Mark Hamill Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Replicator Mark Hamill Set For A Return? Here's What We Know -

"Brothers Hotchner" & "The Replicator" Season 8 Finale


Criminal Minds: Mark Hamill Channeling the Dark Side in Two-Part ...

Wonder if this will happen one day. Wouldn't surprise me, the way the writers are totally screwing over the best character :( (I mean, it's one of those love hate relationships. His story line is way epic and so awesome, so tragic and cool. But it's him, so it's awful. I just want to hug him all teh time :( So really)


Rossi collects and thoughts after arriving too late to save his girlfriend, Chief Erin Strauss (played by: Jayne Atkinson). This was a shocker! In the backgroung, Derek, Alex, Spence and JJ talk over the loss of one of their own and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together in time before the unsub, John Craig (played by: Mark Hamill) attacks again! You can see Hotch in this shot behind Derek.


Criminal Minds Exclusive: Star Wars' Mark Hamill to Guest-Star in Season Finale

Star Wars' Mark Hamill to guest-star in 'Criminal Minds' season finale


Inside The “Criminal Minds” Finale

Showrunner Erica Messer told BuzzFeed that the writers of the show have known a lot more than that since the start of the arc. | Inside The “Criminal Minds” Finale